Enhance Wellness

EnhanceWellness is a participant-centered motivational intervention with proven results: it helps older adults manage their chronic conditions. Research shows that participants in EnhanceWellness can decrease the length of hospital stays, lower their use of psychoactive drugs, alleviate symptoms of mood disorders and develop a sense of greater self-efficacy.

  1. enhancewellness_articleThe screen identifies personal strengths and risks.
  2. The action plan focuses on areas the participant chooses to work on. This plan is also shared with the participant’s physician.
  3. The participant then moves into action with the support of the EnhanceWellness Coach, who offer ongoing encouragement, feedback, and monitoring. It helps with problem solving, health education, and referral to support groups and additional services.

Participants are referred by their primary care physician or a community-based provider. They meet with an EnhanceWellness Coach: community health worker, registered nurse (RN) or social worker trained in motivational interviewing and transtheoretical behavior change.

EnhanceWellness happens in three steps:


The Wellness Coach assesses the individual to identify personal strengths and risks, creates an action plan according to the participants’ choices and needs, which helps them move into action. They also offer ongoing encouragement, feedback and monitoring. The Wellness Coach helps with problem solving, health education and referral to support groups and additional services, including individual and family counseling if needed.

EnhanceWellness, a reliable complement to health care services for older adults, is backed by independent research showing proven results for improving the overall health of older adults. . Research reveals that EnhanceWellness can improve function and reduce inpatient utilization in chronically ill older adults. Linking organized medical care with complementary community-based interventions may be a promising direction for research and practice.  Learn more.

Enhance in other Languages:

  • Spanish: EnhanceWellness Spanish speaking community health workers are trained to provide one-on-one falls prevention education to older adults.

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