CHW Certification Page

Community Health Educators (CHEs) in Florida now have the opportunity to become certified Community Health Workers (CHW) through the Florida Certification Board, which validates their competencies and ethical practices. Certification helps CHWs with employment and reimbursement for preventive services. Certification also demonstrates that CHWs meet standards of practice, maintain their knowledge, and apply a code of ethics to their work.

The Certified Community Health Worker (CCHW) designation is an entry-level credential for front-line health workers who, by virtue of their trusted status in the community, serve as a liaison and intermediary between health services and the community to facilitate access to services and improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery. Examples of job titles that are considered to be Community Health Worker positions include but are not limited to Promotores(as) de Salud; Peer Leader, Health Coach, Community Health Educator; Health Communicator; Outreach Worker; or Health Advocate.

The CCHW credential is open for grandfathering from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015. The purpose of a grandfathering period is to provide current practitioners with the opportunity to earn certification without taking additional training or the written exam. Grandfathering period certification standards include a combination of specified work and/or volunteer experience, content specific training, and letters of recommendation. Applicants must provide formal, verifiable documentation to support each requirement.

chw_certificationCHWs will need to:

  • Set up an account and apply online at the Florida Certification Board website:
  • Document at least 500 hours of paid or volunteer experience providing CHW services in the past five years
  • Document at least 30 hours of training in the core competencies in the past five years
  • Submit two letter of reference validating the CHW’s experience and training


  • $50, non-refundable application fee.
  • $25 hard copy application fee (optional — only required if an applicant DOES NOT apply on-line).
  • $20 criminal background report fee (must be paid by any applicant who has had a Felony or First Degree Misdemeanor charge).

Applicants in need of financial assistance may contact the Florida Community Health Worker Coalition.

For English-speaking applicants, please call 786-441-4815 or Interesados que hablen español, pueden llamar al 305-243-8433.