Carol Nohelia Montoya MD, MPH

Network Director
Florida Health Networks (FHN)

As the Director of Florida Health Networks, Dr. Carol Montoya oversees program activities for network development and statewide capacity building.  She effectively ensures the organizational ability to provide wellness and prevention programs to older adults. Through our partnerships with the statewide aging network, FHN has been able to promote the delivery of evidence-based programs in community settings and secure additional funding from various sources to ensure support for the statewide infrastructure. To date, she has been involved in securing over one million dollars in federal and private funding.

Since 2015, Carol has been working with the organization in the expansion of community health educators throughout the statewide network, developing new packages of services in response to market needs, and ensuring compliance with grant deliverables.

Carol is a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the National Autonomous University of Honduras and has a Master in Public Health from NOVA Southeastern University. Since 2016 she has become part of the Evidence Based Leadership Council. She also, serves as the Networks’ Liaison with its parent company, Health Foundation of South Florida.